Henri et Gilles Remoriquet Bourgogne Hautes-Cotes de Nuits (Pinot Noir)

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The direct descendants of those 18th century burgundies. Described as “full of fire, uplifting and light, almost all genius” by the Abbe Claude Arnoux who in 1723 published the first book devoted to the wines of Bourgogne. Their colour is crimson or dark ruby, sometimes leaning towards strawberry. A terrific Burgundian Pinot Noir that delivers loads of cherry fruit, bright acidity, and a juicy finish on a refreshing frame. They display aromas of cherry, liquorice, and sometimes violet. They have a firm, straightforward taste, tannins pleasant once matured, and just the right amount of body. This is just the kind of wine that goes surprisingly well with heavy food, leaving a pleasant after-taste. A wine that reflects the terroir of Hautes-Cotes de Nuits.

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